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Sketch a Day Before May
Day: -10
Back on Earth with nukes and thin mints.
"All I’m saying is you gotta wear the uniform if you wanna sell the cookies…"
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Happy 25th birthday Game Boy!
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You can’t say Tywin without “I win.”
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Sketch a Day Before May
Day: -11
Caveman Life
Was practicing hands and foreshortening.
Hey Happy Easter!
Happy 4/20!
Happy Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3!
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Sketch a Day Before May
Day: -12
I guess today I was on an anime-ish superheroine kick.
Oh and hey tomorrow’s Easter so don’t forget to hunt for trippy colored eggs and to also overindulge on chocolates.
Attack of the self promotion!
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More sketches for Sketch a Day Before MayIt’s still day -14. Hope you like Space Benson.
Screw it! Here’s a shameless plug for my art site:
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DAY: -14
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Just got my first rejection letter from a comic book company!

Everyone gets rejected when they’re first starting out.

And how often do publishers ever reply to submissions?

And how often do people even ever attempt to submit their work?

Rad sauce!

To see some of the stuff they rejected, check out the art on my site:


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